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At 3 Planes, we use state-of-the-art, research grade technology to identify your precise movement deviations.  This precision in evaluation allows us to effectively treat your injury or optimize your movement. We will give you the blueprint to train your movement patterns and strength for maximum movement success.  



High Speed Cameras

Powering the Portable Lab’s robust video-capture capabilities is the newly integrated NiNOX camera system—the only USB-powered, high definition, high-speed camera and LED light combination that is specifically designed for human movement analysis and motion tracking in a small form factor. With speeds up to 250 frames per second (FPS), we are guaranteed to capture all of the action!





All of our technology integrates seamlessly with Noraxon’s full-featured MR3 analysis software.  This allows us to create customized reports with all of the information from the high speed camera, EMG, and 3D motion capture.  This report will show measurements for real time joint angles, segmental rotations, velocities, power production, and torque generation to provide an accurate and objective measurement of how an athlete is moving


Electromyogram (EMG)

Surface electrodes and sensors are attached to an athlete's muscles while they perform an exercise or movement to measure muscle contractions and activation.  By recording this electrical activity, we can determine if certain muscles are being overused or underused.  This information will directly impact how we train you to contract and relax muscles efficiently to prevent injury. 





myoMotion sensors

myoMOTION enables the capture of human motion in three degrees of freedom.  An extremely compact and lightweight Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) is placed on any segment of the body precisely tracks the 3D angular orientation of that body section.  By positioning individual IMU sensors on two contiguous body segments, the intervening joint ROM can be determined, acting as a virtual goniometer.  This concept is easily expandable from a single joint of interest to a simultaneous full body measurement across all major articulations, without sacrificing speed or accuracy.  By doing this, we can determine what joints need to be trained into being located in better positions for movement.




A handheld manual muscle testing device that allows us a portable and reliable option to test muscle strength.  





Delfi Personalized Tourniquet System for BFR

It is the application of a specialized tourniquet system to a proximal arm or leg, which is inflated, to a personalized and specific pressure to reduce blood flow to an exercising extremity. The application is brief and intermittent, typically about 6 minutes per exercise but can last up to 30 minutes based on the specific protocol. Typically, to increase strength and hypertrophy a person would need to lift a significant amount of weight (60% of a 1 Repetition maximum or greater). With PBFR you can create significant strength and hypertrophy gains with loads as low as 20% 1RM.